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Molly Galpin and BICAS Creative Arts

A delightful combined exhibition, blending the works of BICAS Creative Arts painters and Molly Galpin’s naïve and whimsical works.

 Molly’s focus is on recycling.

She re purposes items by painting, shaping wire, mosaics, sewing.  2D and 3D mixed media are all intertwined.  She puts reverse acrylic painting on glass with mosaic, believing all things can be saved.

Stick art is glued and bonded with cottons and hand-painted fabric.

She traces the uncertain times of Covid.  Families, birds, butterflies and other creatures living through the seasons, how long will it last and how is it affecting our lives?

Hand-built air-dried clay structures featuring abandoned buildings, homes, places of worship, gypsies’ vans or the need to travel.  Renovators delights waiting to be restored to their former glory or bulldozed for precious land which is no longer being made.