Ang Vernardos

Bribie High School art teacher Ange Vernardos’ part of this exhibition is a body of work  that comments on the beauty of ‘hindsight’.

The work is contemporary watercolour narrative merging landscape, still-life and figurative elements in an almost surreal approach to storytelling.

Each painting is a chapter in life. My life, but because we are all connected, anyone’s life. It’s about that feeling that we glimpse at the point of hindsight. I don’t even think the Japanese have coined a term for that place yet. The timeless moment where we acknowledge wisdom gained through the lessons that we are brave enough to call upon ourselves. The place where we arrive and say, ‘well that didn’t have to be turmoil’, and we smile and look into ourselves and gently stroke our sleeping inner-child on the head as she rests in order to grow and play in a brand-new day.

The work could be said to have a slightly Japanese flavour which comes through philosophy rather than heritage. A serendipitous tribute to a world which is opening to the ancient wisdom of the East.

Our journey through life often presents mountains. Instead of packing a picnic and allowing ourselves time to consider the right path, look out over the surrounds, and revel in the new, we can tend to notice each sharp rock that causes pain. My paintings acknowledge that’s OK.

Some people do affirmations, I do paintings to teach us to love.

Lizzie Connor (002).jpg

Lizzie Connor

Lizzie Connor’s paintings are mostly based on a nature theme, as that is what’s meaningful to her.  

Some of the works are taken from plein air sketches, and photos from an inland road trip from the Sunshine Coast to her former home in Victoria via the Newell Highway, last year. 

“ I am always drawn to the ocean, but lately I have also been influenced by other elements of the natural world including places on the inland road,’’ she said.