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More about our Next Generation
Art Prize 2019

The Next Generation Art Prize 2019 machine is well underway with over $3000 in sponsorship money, and additional in-kind donations of vouchers from many local businesses. These will be used for raffle prizes, and tickets are on sale now at the Centre. 


Drawn Sunday September 13 at 11am.

The BICAS Board has allocated prize money of over $2500 for our 3 age section winners and place-getters.

The Next Gen Committee learned last week that we have received a RADF grant of $4700! So we are excited that with all this community and council support that this, our 3rd year of the Next Gen Art Prize will be our best yet!

We are also thrilled to have 3 more major sponsors to award their own special prizes, in addition to the judges choices.  These are BIEPA with the $250 Recycled Materials Award, Pacific Harbour Golf and Country Club with $1000 worth of free junior memberships to their Club, and Alisart with a $350 prize package from Beautifully Personalised Art Work as well as a free class with Alisart for every entrant! Alisart has also pledged $500 sponsorship towards Next Gen 2019.  Thank you, Alisa!!!


The Next Gen Committee has delivered promotional material to 40 schools in the Moreton Bay Region who requested our poster pack – 10 more interested schools than the previous 2 years, so this competition is definitely growing to become a calendar event for BICAS, the Centre and the Region’s young artists.

Please get your kids and grandkids involved – entry forms available from the website and at the Centre.

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