Mini Masters



and Auction


MAY 28 – JUNE 9



Now the Mini Masters are up in the Matthew Flinders Gallery, be sure you come in to see what MINI marvels they are. Check out your favourites you plan to bid for at the Gallery auction on Saturday June 9 at 11am.

This is where you can really pick up a bargain for an original mini art work and have a ball with contestants on all sides.

All monies raised at the auction go towards Arts Centre improvements.

We’re serving light refreshments after the auction for $6 pp, so please rsvp by June 5 for catering on 3408 9288.

If you can’t make the auction and want to put dibs on a Mini – or Minis - that catch your eye, you can make a silent bid on them by registering your interest at the Centre front desk. This bid may or may not be bettered on the day, so consider the amount carefully. You pay your money, you take your chances.

All works are to be auctioned at the conclusion of the MM exhibition on Saturday June 9 at 11am. 

( ie if you want to keep your work, you must bid on it)

There is also a “silent auction’’ conducted from the start of the exhibition on May 28. This is for people who cannot attend the auction on June 9, but want to buy a work.

To be in the MM Silent Auction, register your name and bid at the front desk on the sheet provided and are assigned a number. You put this number and your bid on the card alongside the Mini you choose. No names on the card. Just your number. You may add a higher bid than a previous bid if you wish.



  • Open to everyone and all art mediums

  • All art entries must be 6-inch square or 6-inch cubed ( 15cm).

  • Entry is $5 and there is a maximum of two entries per artist

  • Entry fee includes a six-inch square framed canvas available at the front desk at the Arts Centre now. Artists can place works in other mediums inside the framed square.

  • Completed miniatures must be received at the Centre no later than May 26.

  • All miniatures to be offered for auction at the close of exhibition at 11am, Saturday June 9, with 100 percent of the proceeds going towards the Bribie Island Community Arts Society for gallery improvements.

  • Miniatures received after May 26 may not be accepted, except by arrangement with Kate Goulding on .  

  • For any questions or special delivery arrangements, please email

Mini Masterpieces

is a showcase  of creative talent that proves the wise proverb,

'Good  things come in small packages!'