Creative Arts

Creative Arts



The Creative Arts group welcomes artists interested in working through any medium, (pastel, acrylic, oil, watercolour or pencil or ink drawing) with a view to sharing new trends in the arts and/or exploring new avenues of creating art.


Potential members may be experienced and wish to further their talents by sharing ideas, or simply be interested in pursuing a direction in art that is unfamiliar. 


Inexperience in art will not be a barrier as members will cooperate in exploring contemporary directions in art.

There will be members who will happily share ideas gained through workshops and individual research.

Potential members should bring favourite supports and painting medium, or come armed with drawing paper and tools.


All interested in joining, should ring Sandra Hoppe, 0437 017 898 or Nada Griffiths , 0401 930 559 for more information.


Experience is not essential.

Woman Painting

New Group Studio 2

Tuesday 12.30 – 3pm