Ikigai exhibition

… a reason for being


A joint exhibition of the love, life and philosophy of Lizzie Connor & Ange Vernardos


Ange Vernardos believes people’s journey through life often presents mountains. Instead of packing a picnic and allowing ourselves time to consider the right path, she advises us to look out over the surrounds, and revel in the new.

“We can tend to notice each sharp rock that causes pain,’’ she says.

“My paintings acknowledge that’s OK.

Some people do affirmations, I do paintings to teach us to love. “

Lizzie Connor’s paintings are mostly based on a nature theme, as that is what’s meaningful to her.  

Some of the works are taken from plein air sketches, and photos from an inland road trip from the Sunshine Coast to her former home in Victoria via the Newell Highway, last year. 

“ I am always drawn to the ocean, but lately I have also been influenced by other elements of the natural world including places on the inland road,’’ she said.

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