Matthew Flinders Gallery Next Generation Art Prize

Matthew Flinders Next Generation Art Prize 2018 results:

Top marks to the judges, Sabine Von Graz, Kerry Gear and Tim Roberts, who had the difficult task of deciding prizewinners across three age sections. 

Their thoughtful and considered assessments were as follows:

8-11 age section:  1st Melissa Parker, 10, of Bray Park for "Absorbed in Tech'', a cleverly constructed sculpture of a young robotic-like boy deep in technology; 2nd Charlie Bennett, 8, of Banksia Beach for his self-portrait pastel & charcoal "Mr Unique'' 3rd Tobi Owen, 10, for an eerily accurate watercolour titled "Wolf''.

Highly Commended: Mackenzie Hyland, of Bribie for collage & pencil work “Beware” Commended: Tianata Smith, for clay platter with olive pip bowl; Angus Gilbey, of Banksia Beach, for “Metallic Galaxy Gallantis” and Brayden Fairweather, of Wamuran, for his acrylic work “Spitfire’’

12 - 16 age section: 1st SaBelle Pobjoy-Sherriff, 16, of Forestdale for "Odyssey Oil Spill",  a wire sculpture wing spread of feathers appearing dipped in oil,; 2nd Aisha Waver, 16, of Ningi, for her painting "Fountain of Youth'' ; 3rd Toby Newall, of Eastern Heights Ipswich, for his poignant sketch of a refugee child at a barrier, titled  "Home?"

Highly Commended: Charlotte Graham, of Sandstone Point for “A Life in the Works’’; Commended: Katelyn Hunter, of Godwin Beach for “Fluidity’’; Jade McKenzie, of Ningi for “The Electrical Garden’’; Taryn Fairweather, of Wamuran, for “Max’’ and Ema Machan, of Ningi, for an untitled work.

17&18 years section: 1st Lexie Waddell-Bajor, of Sandstone Point, for "Jetlag",  a mixed media of open, stamped passport pages; 2nd Wakana Mori,  for a delicate watercolour/pastel "Hibiscus'' ; 3rd Amy Henderson, for mixed media work "Isolated Paradise''.

Highly Commended: Jimbelle Euseido, of Ningi for mixed media work “Sense of Place’’; Commended: Shaylin Fairweather, of Wamuran, for oil painting “Ruby’’ ; Cloe Kokaev, for “ Vogue Magazine’’ and “Bird of Paradise”.

Recycled Art section, sponsored by the Bribie Island Environment Protection Association, is Ashton Longman-Hayes, of Bribie Island, for "Golden Swan'' he fashioned from a disused saxophone.

The exhibition will remain in the Matthew Flinders Gallery until September 8, during which time you can cast your vote for the People's Choice winner.


Bribie Island Community Arts Centre . 191 Sunderland Drive

Banksia Beach, Bribie Island QLD 4507


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