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  • Artists are welcome to apply to display and sell their artworks on a commission basis at the

​         Bribie Island Community Arts Centre.

  • Artists must first apply to become a member of the Bribie Island Community Arts Society Inc (BICAS).

  • The membership form is on our MEMBERS webpage.

  • Once accepted as a member, and having received the membership welcome letter, then artists need to fill in the:

  1. 'Application for the Display and Sale of Work on a Commission basis by Financial Members' form (see link below).

  2. This form needs then to be approved by the appropriate coordinator.

  3. For paintings, a Stock List needs to be submitted two weeks prior to the display of works (see link to the form below).​ For craftwork and 3D artwork, the Stock List needs to be submitted with the artwork.

  4. All correspondence, stock lists and other forms please email us at

Print PDF Versions

Fill in Online

Stock list Fillable Online CRAFT DISPLAY
Stock list Fillable Online Jewellery
Fillable Application for the Display

Some information for display of craftwork and 3D artworks:

  • Submitted works must have a high degree of original work

  • Works may be displayed for up to four months

  • Any type of new work must be presented to the selection committee for approval


More information is available on the application form.

Some information for display of paintings and

2D artworks:

  • Paintings will be displayed for three months

  • Up to two works may be presented for selection each quarter

  • Work must be no larger than 1.22m in any direction 

  • Artworks must be original work; not copies or works from lessons or workshops

  • One selected work will be hung each quarter and a second piece subject to space

  • Works will be exhibited at the discretion of the Hanging Committee  


Key dates for changeover of paintings are listed below.

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