The Labyrinth Group  



The labyrinth is a gently unfolding environmental art work and place for peace, contemplation, creativity and play.  It is maintained and developed by a small group who meet for a half hour walking and silent meditation Tuesdays at 7 am, and other occasions as appropriate, mainly the two solstices and the equinoxes.  We welcome anyone interested in joining us, or in adding art work to help the labyrinth grow.  Our mascot, Lucky, reminds us all how fortunate we are to have and be able to share this place – and the Art Centre itself. 




The labyrinth is between the Arts Centre and the Gem Club – just go out through the Gift Shop into the courtyard, and follow the arrow out the gate on the right, or follow the ring road to the left outside the Centre.  Start at the bright red sign, and follow the meandering brick path to the red seats at the resting place.



To our modern eyes used to speed and efficiency,  meandering labyrinths appear to be designed to confuse, frustrate and annoy by leading people along an inefficient and time-wasting route for no material reward.  However, for many people, walking a labyrinth has the completely opposite effect.  Walking the labyrinth brings out child-like senses of fun,  wonder, curiosity and joy in people of all ages.  In addition, when one walks thoughtfully and patiently, the walk can be a powerful way to stimulate creativity, answer difficult questions, and to begin looking at the world differently.


The BICAS Labyrinth has a special unique feature.   The resting place is a peaceful, shady spot where one can sit and contemplate, or visit with friends. Here the walkers can explore a treasure chest which contains a visitors book,    and information on activities available in the Arts Centre and the neighbouring Gem and Woodworking Groups. The treasure chest also houses a geocache with room for travel bugs, linking the labyrinth to the world-wide network of geocaches (see www.geocaching.com).


Labyrinth welcome sign (002).jpg