Lead-lighting and glass handling has had a presence at the Bribie Island Art Centre since 2002 when Keith Barclay started lead-lighting classes in studio 4.    Keith is still with us but since then this activity has evolved into  the Lead-lighting and Glass  Working Together Group that has a  membership of about 25. 

The group has experienced lead lighting and glass fusing tutors who offer their tuition free of charge.  There is a studio fee paid by each member, on attendance at each session.  As a WT group, we can purchase and offer tools and equipment to members at a discounted price.

 We offer an environment where someone with little or no previous experience with handling glass can become a confident and skilled glass artist , assembling panels, lampshades, sun-catchers and mobiles. 

A natural progression from lead lighting is glass slumping in a kiln, which is also available. 

The WTgroup have a members committee to attend to the needs of the members.   We aim to foster a sharing , non-profit situation in line with the BICAS rules & by-laws , by working together to acquire materials & equipment for the shared use of the group. “

Within the group’s  “Aims and Requirements” we state that  “members of this group shall aim to work together in a safe , fun & harmonious atmosphere and to assist & help each other to achieve their goals in creating objects in glass.”


Lead Lighting & Glass Working Together Group.

Bribie Island Art Centre-Studio 4, 191 Sunderland Drive, Bribie Island.

Saturday mornings from 9 am to 12 noon.

Thursday mornings from 9 am to 12 noon.

President: Prim Rodgers Walker pro95444@bigpond.com Phone 0497411305

Treasurer:  Sheryle Dillon   jsdillon@internode.on.net phone 0413884540

Secretary : Jacqueline Horne   jhorne5@bigpond.com  phone 33855252 or 0403142013

Resource manager : kieth.barclay@bigpond.com  phone34107786

Contacts – Bribie Island Art Society - 07 3408 9288

Bribie Island Community Arts Centre . 191 Sunderland Drive

Banksia Beach, Bribie Island QLD 4507


Tel: 07 3408 9288

Email: info@bribieartscentre.com.au

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