Materials for Chroma Workshop December 5, 9.30am Studio 2


For One-Day Workshop:


  • Visual diary and pencil for taking notes.

  • Acrylic paper pad or canvas paper pad – (at least eight sheets and preferably ten to twelve) size A4 or larger

  • Masking tape

  • Back board (participants will tape individual sheets of paper to the backing board for each exercise, either flat on the table surface or on an easel).

  • Your regular brushes, (including a liner brush and a larger flat Taklon brush at least half an inch wide) palette knife, a sponge and a sponge roller.

  • Fine mist water spritzer.

  • Container for water.

  • Palette – must be a flat palette, not one with wells – a disposable palette block is ideal.

  • Paper towels. Towel or sheet of plastic to cover work surface.

  • Optional - Easel if not supplied at venue.

Bribie Island Community Arts Centre . 191 Sunderland Drive

Banksia Beach, Bribie Island QLD 4507


Tel: 07 3408 9288


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