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Combined Exhibition

‘The Sky’s the Limit’

Corinne Purcell and Min Philpot

Bribie Community Arts Centre

March 1 – 14.


Bribie artists Corinne Purcell and Min Philpot are pleased to be joining together for their exciting exhibition “The Sky’s the Limit’’ from March 1 – 14 at Matthew Flinders Gallery Bribie Community Arts Centre.


This exhibition will feature works in all sizes and mediums for a dazzling display that will include more than 50 pieces from intricate jewelry to large bold resin triptychs.


Corinne Purcell has lived on Bribie for almost 20 years and in this time has enjoyed sharing her artistic skills on murals locally in hospitals, restaurants, kindergartens and private commissions. This exhibition, however will feature her works in; resin, watercolor, acrylics, mixed media and photography.

Corinne’s works have been inspired from a love of the outdoors, the mystical and finding creative vision from unexpected places. She has enjoyed exploring the potentials of mixing a variety of materials and mediums in new ways.


Min Philpot is a self-taught artist, having her father, renowned artist Ron Philpot, as her mentor from early childhood.

Her professional experience over the past 20 years includes painting large graffiti-prevention murals for Brisbane City Council and a beatification mural for the State Government (reef H.Q. concourse mural over 300 square meters)

In recent years, I have been painting on all size canvases and entering art competition.


One of her first competitive entries was made a finalist in the Kennedy Art Prize in 2018. Min was delighted with this honour,  which she says, has kept her interested in continuing to enter art competitions.

Min has a love for the environment, wildlife and  music and she sees painting as a natural way to be expressive. 


The artists hope you can come along to see their work and join in a shared celebration of “The Sky’s the Limit’’ at Bribie Island Community Arts Centre, 191 Sunderland Drive Banksia Beach, open Tuesday through Saturday  9am- 4pm and 9am – 1pm Sundays.

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