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Mary began painting many years ago when she realised that middle-age was fast approaching and she had better start.

She had lessons in oils and loved it. Despite what she said was a complete lack of drawing  ability, she managed to gain a lot of satisfaction and produced some memorable results.

Then life intervened and she had a long break from art.

A few years ago she became interested in acrylic pouring and the freedom of expression it provided. She loves to experiment with the interplay of colours and, as is evident from her work, has a preference for bold colours and their various combinations.

To add to her interest in acrylic pouring, she likes the myriad of ways to influence the pattern of the paint as it is applied to the canvas. Paint brushes are not used routinely unless the artist chooses to combine methods.

When she first investigated pouring she made a list of the different ways to produce patterns. She stopped counting when she got to 22! The list is never-ending.


Join Mary over morning tea / talk on her art practices at the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre Friday June 10, at 10.30am. RSVP Please as spaces are limited, on 3408 9288. 


The Artist of the Month, whose works are displayed on a feature wall of the Centre Gift Shop, can be from near or far. Many are local Bribie artists who have shone in their medium or are taking an opportunity to display a new one. Some artists are from surrounding areas, and others come from further afield to have their work seen and admired by a new audience.


The Artist of the Month is not only a talking point at the Centre, it also showcases works and practices to stimulate and inspire artists and visitors alike.


If you would like to inquire about being Artist of the Month, please contact Sue Davey at the Centre on 07 3408 9288.

You can download the application form.


Morning tea is held here on the SECOND Friday of the month, at 10.30am, at which the Artist of the Month speaks about his or her work. This event also serves as a welcome to new members and a chance for other members and friends to meet and mingle. 

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